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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds


Hayah hopes to usher its students into a journey of self-discovery by creating a rich student life. With a matching vision, it was only natural that IB diploma students transition into the CAS program. Engaging in CAS primarily serves students’ interests and potential. By monitoring the accomplishment of the 7 learning outcomes of CAS, we help our students extend their abilities and build a variety of personal skills.

Hayah offers its students extensive CAS guidance to ensure that the program requirements have been met and the learning outcomes accomplished successfully.  We are committed to help our students make the best out of the CAS program by offering a variety of CAS opportunities. Such opportunities include CAS lessons, student conventions & events both local and international, varsity teams, the After-School Activity program (ASA) and Hayah Helping Hands.

We encourage our students to seek CAS opportunities off campus with local & global community initiatives and camps, which offer exposure and helps them for discover their potential.

Our students’ CAS portfolios rich with variety of valuable experiences throughout their diploma years, reflect a proactive, balanced and committed student body.