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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds

HS Principal Letter

Dear Everyone in the Hayah community,

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year at Hayah International Academy.  And to those of you joining our school this year, welcome to Hayah.  It is a true honour to serve as the new High School Principal.  I am also very fortunate to be working together with Ms. Omneya Hamdy and Ms. Reeham Darwish, both of whom will take on new roles as High School Assistant Principals.  We look forward to working together with all of you to ensure the success of our students.

Ms. Omneya will continue to serve as the high school’s IB/AD Coordinator, Academic Counsellor for grades 11 & 12, and College Advisor.  Ms. Reeham will also serve as the Academic Advisor for students in grades 9 & 10.  Our students are lucky to have two such dedicated and knowledgable educators working on their behalf.

We will also welcome some new faculty members to the high school this year.  Mr. Ahmad Kabil and Mr. Ahmed Helal will be joining our math department.  Ms. Riham El-Demerdash will be rejoining our faculty as Library Teacher.  Ms. Marwa Yousef will be our new German teacher, and Ms. Heba Lolah will be joining the art team.  Ms. Nelly Hadima has joined the Arabic department as an Arabic and ASL teacher, and Mr. Mohamed Hassan will serve as our new Religion teacher.  Finally, Ms. Mai Aley El-Din will be joining the high school administrative team as our new High School Office Assistant.  Please welcome all of them to the Hayah community.

This year we will continue our work from last year in fostering independent, life-long learning. One of our goals this year in the high school is to help students rediscover the joy of learning for its own sake, instead of focusing solely on grades.  Accordingly, we will also find new ways to celebrate more student accomplishments that occur outside of the classroom.

Another one of our goals for this year is to ensure that our assessments and policies in high school reflect our new assessment philosophy that has been adopted for the entire school.  As the year moves forward, we will be communicating these changes to you.

If you have any questions regarding current policies, please consult our student handbook that will be given to students on the first day of school.  Should you have any questions regarding any of these policies, do not hesitate to ask us.

Once again our graduates made us extraordinarily proud.  All of our students were accepted to universities, both in Egypt and abroad.  Many of our students also received scholarships to top schools around the world.  Our IB results were also exceptional.  25 students received scores of 36 or above, while three of our students achieved a score of 44.  This speaks to the hard work and dedication of our faculty across the entire school.

Again, welcome back and I wish everyone a healthy start to what will be an exciting year.


Peter Vaughn – High School Principal