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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds

House System

The house system started at Hayah four years ago in Middle School. Since then the system has grown, expanding to Elementary last year and moving up to Grade 10 this year. It is growing and is now becoming a fundamental part of Hayah.

Each family and teacher is split into four houses:

  • Lions
  • Falcons
  • Crocodiles
  • Cobras

Students receive house points for hard work, good behavior, academic achievements and by competing in a range of competitions that happen throughout the year. This system helps to promote both individual achievements as well as team efforts. The system provides opportunities for friendly competition to occur across grade levels and encourages older students to be supportive of younger students. At the end of each Quarter for Elementary and each semester for Middle and High School, the winning house receives the House Cup and a reward. These rewards often include trips and the students look forward to them greatly.

Each school has two House Captains to help to organise and run the events and to build spirit within the school. They represent the students and they choose activities that will inspire others to be involved. This year they have been on a camp to help them to prepare for the year through team-building exercises. They got to know each other and this will become an annual thing to build positive relationships and bonds between the Schools and the Houses.

We have already started tournaments and competition and soon there will be whole school events that are going to involve parents. We look forward to your continued support and also to a wonderful year.