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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds

Hayah IB Admission

The school IB Handbook will be given to all Grade 10 students in February. Presentations will be made to students and their parents to explain the IB Mission, and how it relates to the Hayah Core Values. They will also be given information about the IB Learner Profile, the courses available at Hayah and they will be introduced to the ideas behind TOK, the Extended Essay and the CAS Program.

Teachers of the various subjects will speak to students about their IB courses, give advice, clarify any prerequisites and answer questions. Students will make provisional course selections in consultation with the IB Coordinator. Parents will be required to sign indicating their satisfaction with the course selections.

The IB Diploma at Hayah is open to all students who have demonstrated the potential to meet ongoing challenges in their academic and extracurricular life. For course registration, grades and teacher recommendations will be taken into consideration; this is especially important for Higher Level courses.

Students interested in the program who do not meet these requirements will be reviewed and interviewed by the Hayah IB Committee, and may be given the opportunity to enroll in the program on probation for the first quarter. At the end of the first quarter their progress will be reviewed and the school reserves its right to withdraw the student from the IB Diploma if they do not meet the overall challenges of the program.

Students at Hayah in Grade 11 who are not registered for the IB Diploma will take a combination of IB Certificates and regular classes to be determined by their interests and abilities. Their course selections will be made in consultation with the High School Academic Advisor. These students will normally graduate from Hayah with a High School Diploma which will enable them to enter a wide selection of universities and colleges, both in Egypt, the United States and in other countries.

If a student wishes to enter the school and join the IB Program at the beginning of Grade 11, they will be assessed using the Hayah entrance exams in English and Mathematics, and also they will be interviewed by the Hayah IB Committee. They may then be given the opportunity to enrol in the program on probation for the first quarter.

IB Diploma students from other IB World Schools who wish to transfer to Hayah during the course of their studies because their parents are relocating, or for other reasons, are welcome provided the school can offer them continuity of study.