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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds

CE Program

Character Education Program
Hayah strongly believes and values the emotional and social wellbeing of its students, and is dedicated to helping students transition into the world as self-reflective and proactive individuals in their community.

The role of the Hayah’s Character Education program is to provide an emotionally and socially safe environment in which students can internally and externally exploring themselves.

As the pioneer Character Education school in Egypt, the program is supported by a dedicated team of teachers for kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, who take up multiple roles as teachers, coaches and mentors and activity coordinators.  They passionately interact and network with students in and out of class through one-on-one and group discussions, reflections, activities, trips, camps, weekend events and activities. 

In addition to building a strong relationship with the students, the Character Education team closely allies with teachers and parents to achieve the program’s individual and collective goals. School wide, the program is reinforced holistically through interdisciplinary integration of the core values.