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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds


The school premise is located over a land lot of 55,000 meter squares. The building’s full print at maturity will occupy less than 30% of the land leaving over 30,000 meter squares for outdoors and recreational areas. The building’s area and outdoors can accommodate 3,800 students according to local regulations. However, we will accommodate only 1200 students to ensure quality space and facilities for each student. (see map).


Hayah’s campus facilities are aimed at giving its students the most well rounded education and exposure possible with Academic, Artistic and Sports facilities for all. Classes within the school buildings are either equipped with smart boards or data shows as the school aims to promote interactive learning.

Hayah has six specialized science labs

fully equipped to cater to the different age groups and curriculums. All Chemistry labs are equipped with two fume hoods and all the labs adhere to high safety standards with emergency field blankets, showers and eye wash stands in them. For younger children, Hayah also has a Math lab to encourage hands on Math experiences.

To allow students to get in touch with and develop their visual, acoustic and expressive artistic abilities, Hayah’s arts rooms are spacious and fully equipped with different medians to help the students develop in a comfortable environment.

Hayah has 6 computer labs wit

h 22 computers in each and over 400 computers school wide. The ICT department adopts an open source software policy allowing students to experiment with the software outside of the classroom as well as inside. The school also allows a “bring your own equipment” policy making it possible for students to learn using the hardware they are most comfortable with.

Hayah’s sports facilities include a multi-purpose building that accommodates basketball, volleyball, handball; it also includes two squash courts, two Jacuzzis and tw

o locker rooms. The Academy houses a 560 square-foot lifting room and a 560 square foot martial arts room. The outdoor facilities include one basketball court, a soccer court, two tennis courts, and two tracks.

The 400 meter tartan track surrounds a standard-size soccer field made of FIFA approved artificial turf. In addition, there is an Olympic-size swimming pool and an enclosed 25 meter swimming pool.

Early Childhood and El

ementary schools each have their own playgrounds with jungle gyms and sand pits as well as open areas full of greenery.