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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds

After School Activities

The Hayah After School Activities (ASA) program offers a comprehensive selection of activities from which students can choose. Participation in the program is not compulsory, but is highly recommended for our students’ social and physical well-being.  The ability for students to extend their knowledge, understanding & creativity beyond the school curriculum is key to the ASA programme.

Hayah’s mission statement says, “Hayah International Academy is committed to deliver to society distinguished adults who honour their cultural identity, maintain personal growth and strive for academic excellence; qualities enabling them to live with purpose, fulfil their mission in life and make a difference in a challenging global environment.” Therefore, the vision of the ASA program works to fulfill Hayah’s mission:

To promote the physical and social well-being of our students through a variety of educational, recreational, performing and visual art, and community service activities.

The ASA program is offered to all students from K to 12 & runs four days a week from Sunday through to Wednesday from 3-4pm. Students have the opportunity to try a wide variety of activities, spanning the 5 strands seen below in the chart.  This allows our students to gain experiences & prospective in various areas.  Sign-ups for the programme are completed via the online process on Plus Portal.

ASA Session One – September 25th – December 8th 2016

ASA Session Two – January 29th – April 13th 2017 

ASA Session Three – TBA



ASA PI Chart