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Athletic Program

The Athletic Department supports the mission of Hayah International Academy and contributes to the pursuit of excellence in the educational program. Hayah believes that a dynamic and competitive athletic program is an essential element to the physical, academic, social and emotional development of our student-athletes. The Athletic Department is dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment to students and recognizes the values students gain from participation in a well-organized, high quality athletic program, and are dedicated to excellence in this pursuit.

We believe that Hayah student-athletes learn a great deal from participation in competitive athletics; team membership provides experiences that help them grow and develop both in the athletic environment and the classroom. The athletic program contains opportunities for student-athletes to make a commitment to demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship, demonstrate punctuality and diligence, demonstrate respect towards teammates, coaches, officials and opponents, honor the game, and play to the best of their ability.

While Hayah recognizes great pride in winning and our quest for excellence and success, it does not condone winning at all costs. We believe in fair and rewarding principles for all participants and do not support any behavior or pressure that might undermine good sportsmanship, positive relationships, and good mental and physical health. Student-athlete conduct will reflect all the positive qualities of an exemplary Hayah student. As school representatives, student-athletes are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and with impeccable manners.

The 2014-15 school year will bring new sports and new leagues for our Sharks, along with the opportunity to travel internationally and host other schools from abroad.

I look forward to your child’s participation in the Sharks program. Wishing our student-athletes and coaches success and inviting all to join in as a supporter. Go Sharks!


Louise Lodge Athletic and Activities Director

Louise Lodge
Athletic and Activities Director