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Athletic Program

Sharks Square

Like all departments of Hayah International Academy, the Athletic Department prides itself on striving for excellence within & beyond the school curriculum.  The Athletic Department is dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment to students and recognizes the values students gain from participation in a well-organized, high quality athletic program, and are dedicated to excellence in this pursuit.

We believe that Hayah student-athletes learn a great deal from participation in competitive athletics; team membership provides experiences that help them grow and develop both in the athletic environment and the classroom. The athletic program contains opportunities for student-athletes to make a commitment to demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship, demonstrate punctuality and diligence, demonstrate respect towards teammates, coaches, officials and opponents, honour the game, and play to the best of their ability.

With the growth of the school, we have seen a progressive trend within our school sport.  Not only does Hayah wholly endorse the productive ramifications of sporting participation but we consider it to be quintessential to the whole child development.  We endeavour for our students to embody characteristics through sport which can enable them to become better people in everyday life, not just education & sport.

Our PE Curriculum is the epitome of this philosophy, with our recently amalgamated of Teaching Games for Understanding approach.  The TGfU approach allows for students to explore varieties of techniques & tactics through play, whilst consistently having to maintain levels of teamwork & principles of play.

Our Hayah Sharks teams continue to grow also.  In December 2016, Hayah will host its first METS (Middle Eastern Triangle Sports) competition for Junior Varsity (U16) Football Boy’s & Girl’s in Athens, Greece.  We will also compete in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Jordan during the academic year.  Domestically, the Sharks continue to compete within CISSA (Cairo International Schools Sports Association) & CIS (Cairo Invitational Sport) in a wide variety of sports, mainly being football, basketball, volleyball &, swimming.  As the Hayah Shark’s continue to become a sporting force within Cairo & the rest of Egypt, we fully endorse your support of your child’s participation in our programme.