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G3 Trip to Arty Science Farm

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G3 Trip to Arty Science Farm

Grade 3 students have been on a trip to the Arty Science Farm last October. The trip objective was to have the students visit a rural community (Social Studies), and learn about different environments for the animals (Science). Also, we’ve been reinforcing our PYP attributes and key concepts through, and after the trip, the students reflected on their learning through answering the attached sheet.


G4 Trip to Trapped

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G4 Trip to Trapped

Our Theme for PYP was: Who we are, and our central idea was: Culture, health, and experiences shape one’s identity. The kids experienced being trapped in a room and having to work together to achieve the goal of getting out. The kids reflected on finding out about themselves, especially with how they are with problem solving and how experiences – in general – shape them and can change them.


Graduating Class of 2017

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Graduating Class of 2017

It is this time of the year we share, celebrate and congratulate Hayah’s community with great IB results and American Diploma accomplishments Alhamdullah.

This is our 7th graduating class. The majority of this class has joined Hayah since PreK. We have watched them grow and prosper. Throughout the years more than thirty students joined this beautiful group of students and few have left.  Seventy IB students earned the full IB diploma yesterday, 75% of whom scored 30 and above. 32% scored 36 and above.

Congratulations to our five girls who scored above 40, three of them scored 44 and already got accepted with full scholarship in universities.

Warm thank you to Omneya Hamdy, our IB Diploma Coordinator and Academic & College Counseling Advisor, for her continuous and endless effort along with all our High School dedicated teachers and staff. We would also like to thank Mr. Keith Ord, Hayah High School Principal for his dedication towards the success of the High School for the past eight years, and with the end of this year we are bidding farewell to him as he continues his work in the field of education in another country. We wish him the best of luck in his new adventure. That being said, we would like to seize this chance to welcome our new High School Principal, Mr. Peter Vaughn who has been chosen after extensive interviews from committees of students, staff, administrators and parents.

Thanks are due to Hayah students for their hard work and perseverance, parents  for their continuous trust and support, alumni for being the ambassadors and mission carriers of our school, and last but not least to all Hayah teachers, staff, and administrators for their extensive effort and dedication towards the students and our school. Thank you Hayah community!
We would also like to congratulate Hayah’s Class of  2017 from both the IB and the American Diplomas for their provisional acceptance in top universities worldwide. From New York University and Carnegie Mellon in the Middle East; to Purdue and the University of Connecticut in the U.S.; to the universities of Toronto, British Columbia, and McGill in Canada; to University College London, and the universities of Bath and Birmingham in the U.K.; to other high ranking universities in Europe such as Carl Benz School of Engineering (Germany),
Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management (the Netherlands), and Carlos the Third (Spain); to distinguished universities in Belgium, Italy, Australia and Egypt, Hayah alumni will be proud representatives of their school and their country around the globe.

On behalf of the school administration we wish our graduating class (of 2017) all the best of luck in their future endeavors and we wish you all a great summer!

Looking forward to the new school year.

Cook for a Cause

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Cook for a Cause

Grade 5 students collaborated as teams for their “Cook for a Cause” event.  They were assigned several tasks to complete in which multiple subjects such as Math, English, French, and German were incorporated. The goal was to raise as much money as they can while staying under the specific budget set for all groups. The money raised was then donated to the charity of their choice. Parents and teachers were invited to share the final event performance and by helping the students reach their goal. Overall, it was an outstanding effort that everyone enjoyed being a part of.




Grade 2 Trip

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Grade 2 Trip

Grade Two went on a trip to The Children’s Museum. This was the culmination of a Social Studies unit on Charity and Volunteer Work. We learned about how to help in our community. We held a bake sale to raise money for the trip. We also wanted to invite a school for the deaf and hearing impaired so that we could share lunch with them and treat them to the museum tour and give them a treat as well.


The children had a wonderful time listening to the presentations and taking part in the various activities. They also played with the deaf and hearing impaired children and it was gratifying to see their interaction. We were happy to raise money to share a little of our bounty with the less fortunate in our community.


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Co-founder Salma Ehab, a Hayah alumna, sought to create the first Warsha Community Service Conference meant to equip HS students with skills to make changes within their own community regarding the areas of health, poverty, environment, and education . The vision is that the conference will grow to a national level and include original community service ideas by students.


The first Warsha-led initiative took place on the 21st of October, 2016 in Hayah’s MRC. The one-day conference gathered a variety of people including students, NGOs, experts and passionate speakers. The Warsha team, and a lot of helping hands from around Hayah, have been working on this project for almost an entire year. After several changes and adjustments to what had originally been planned, the event took off on a very early Friday morning.


The day was split up into two main portions. The first half of the day was dedicated to informative, hands-on workshops led by a variety of speakers. Among the people involved during the first half of the day were Yasmeen Khamees, the founder of Doodle Factory, and Mostafa Hashisha, the CEO of iSpark. The second part of the day gave students the opportunity to participate in a Think Tank, supervised by an expert and a facilitator, to use what they learned to come up with a solution to a specific community problem. Students were engaged with problems like the lack of

access to clean water, primary school drop outs, and The Nile River pollution. After the time had elapsed in the Think Tanks, students presented their ideas to a panel that chose a project to be awarded the title, ‘The Next Big Thing.’ Overall, students, panelists and facilitators alike found the conference to be engaging, unique, and an experience they would definitely like to repeat.




Character Parade

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Character Parade

On Thursday December 1st we celebrated the conclusion of literacy month with a character parade. Students came dressed as characters, from a  book they have read, who have positive personality traits that they would like to emulate. It was a beautiful parade honoring both reading and positive character traits.








Class of 2016 Graduation

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Class of 2016 Graduation

written by: Mariam Hassaballa, Class of 2016 President

From the commencement of the ceremony to the cap toss, it’s almost impossible to dilute such a poignant and intense ceremony to just a few words. The graduating ceremony began with the national anthem salutation and Mariam Ezzat followed with a beautiful Quran recital leaving the crowd in awe. The speeches then began by introductions from Ms. Abeya Fathy, Head Principal, and Mr. Keith Ord, High School Principal. Five Hayah students then spoke at the ceremony. Aamenah Elsherif, Class Valedictorian talked about the journey we embarked on and the changes we faced, thanking the people who had helped us along the way. Donia Sameh, Class Salutatorian, gave a Cairokee-inspired speech honoring memories of our class going to numerous concerts together. Then, Mariam Hassaballah, Class President, discussed the changes our class had gone through together from Elementary School to High School, illustrating the years this class had spent together. Following the tradition, she handed the senior flag to the Class of 2017’s Class President, Farah El Shimi. Salma Ehab, Class Speaker, then showed the crowd the many talents and virtues of the Class of 2016, stressing on the unique qualities it brought to the Hayah community. Finally, as a surprise, the fifth speaker, Moustafa Ahmed, recited a poem he wrote about his Hayah experience, bringing smiles and laughter to audience members.


The speeches filled the ceremony with a multitude of emotions and were then accentuated by a video demonstrating the close bond of the class and the unbreakable friendships made over the years. As a new element of the graduation ceremony, it was not enough to honor the class with diplomas, but also with awards to outstanding students in the academic as well as the non-academic fields. The component of surprise that went with these awards made it all the more exciting.

  • Principal’s Award: Alia El Kattan
  • Citizenship Award: Salma Ehab
  • Artistic Award: Nour Abdel Baky
  • Athletic Award: Mariam Hassaballah


The class of 2016 made it through IB with an average score of 34 and with 20 students scoring 37 and above. Two students achieved the top score of 43 – Zeina Gohar and Moustafa Saleh. Class of 2016 alumni will be attending many top universities around the globe including Toronto, London, Montréal, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Manchester, Boston, Istanbul, and here in Cairo.


Finally, the long-awaited moment arrived when Ms. Abeya Fathy officially graduated the Class of 2016. After moving our tassels from left to right, our class at last graduated from High School and started a new journey, which we will forever share together as the Class of 2016 Hayah family.



Middle School Talent Show 2015-2016

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Middle School Talent Show 2015-2016

The Sixth Annual Middle School Talent Show 2015-2016 was hosted by the MS Student Council and supervised by the Performing Arts Department. As always, the talent show in Middle School is a perfect opportunity for students to express themselves in front of their peers and teachers, in a relaxing fun filled environment.  This year’s theme chosen by the student council was a “Walk Through Time” and the winning backdrop design reflecting this theme was presented by G8 students Salma Ayman and Nour Khalifa.  What was different this year was instead of hosts, the talents introduced themselves with pre-recorded interviews reflecting their choice of talent, the people that inspire them and pictures from their childhood. Despite the yearly wide array of singing talents, there were a few duets, a piano piece, and new this year, a parody of a stand-up comedy competition. This group of bold grade 8 students (Karim Saeed, Ali Ali, Omar Saeed and Belal Gaber)  won third place for having a unique concept. In second place was Jana Kawas  (grade 6) for her strong stage presence and last but not least Lama , for presenting all the elements of a spectacular performance. The most significant portion of the show was how all the talents overcame their fear and persevered despite stage fright which proved that everyone performing  was not only a winner but a shining star.   

 The combined efforts and dedication by the Student Council members, Back Stage crew and on the day by the House Captains and Prefects is what made this event a memorable one and one that truly embodies student collaboration and spirit.

Hayah Results 2015

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Hayah Results 2015

Once again, Hayah international Academy has achieved outstanding International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) results!  Our average score was an impressive 34.1 points.  Sixty three students took the full diploma this year and we again obtained a 100 % pass rate.

A further ten of our graduates sat for IB Courses (Certificates) and all achieved very high IB scores.  All ten were awarded the Hayah American High School Diploma and all were accepted by top universities, both in Cairo and overseas.  In fact all our graduates have been accepted by universities and colleges in countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, India and the UAE.

We are especially proud of the nine students who gained 40 points and above.  The highest individual score was a world class 43 points obtained by Shams Badr El Din.  Shams’ choice of subjects was particularly demanding.   She studied four subjects at Higher Level (HL), Math, Physics, Chemistry and French B.  Her Standard Levels (SL) were English Language and Literature and Economics.  In addition Shams had to study IB Arabic as a seventh subject to meet Hayah graduation requirements.  Shams will be studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

The second highest student was Ola Abdel Hamid who scored 42 points.  Ola studied Biology HL, Chemistry HL, Business and Management HL and Arabic B HL.  Her SL subjects were Math SL and English Language and Literature.  Ola will study Biochemistry at the University of Sheffield in the UK, where she has been offered a scholarship.

Four students achieved 41 points, Firas Ibrahim Atwa, Malak Taher, Ondine Ibrahim Atwa and Zeinab Sherif Abou El Naga. The three students who achieved 40 points were Aida Galal Fawzy, Mohamed Sabry Salama and Rana Amr Lotfy.

It is important to understand that Hayah students are not just about scoring high grades.  They also fully immerse themselves in the ideals of the community, organizing and participating in service projects both in Egypt and overseas.  They include top level athletes and musicians and also represent the school through organizations like the MUN and TEDx.

With 26 IB Examiners currently on our faculty, we are one of the top IB schools in Middle East and able to attract applications from high caliber students both in Cairo and from overseas.  We look forward to the continued growth and success of all Hayah students in their academic, sporting, community service and other activities over the years to come.