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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds

Graduating Class of 2017

Graduating Class of 2017

It is this time of the year we share, celebrate and congratulate Hayah’s community with great IB results and American Diploma accomplishments Alhamdullah.

This is our 7th graduating class. The majority of this class has joined Hayah since PreK. We have watched them grow and prosper. Throughout the years more than thirty students joined this beautiful group of students and few have left.  Seventy IB students earned the full IB diploma yesterday, 75% of whom scored 30 and above. 32% scored 36 and above.

Congratulations to our five girls who scored above 40, three of them scored 44 and already got accepted with full scholarship in universities.

Warm thank you to Omneya Hamdy, our IB Diploma Coordinator and Academic & College Counseling Advisor, for her continuous and endless effort along with all our High School dedicated teachers and staff. We would also like to thank Mr. Keith Ord, Hayah High School Principal for his dedication towards the success of the High School for the past eight years, and with the end of this year we are bidding farewell to him as he continues his work in the field of education in another country. We wish him the best of luck in his new adventure. That being said, we would like to seize this chance to welcome our new High School Principal, Mr. Peter Vaughn who has been chosen after extensive interviews from committees of students, staff, administrators and parents.

Thanks are due to Hayah students for their hard work and perseverance, parents  for their continuous trust and support, alumni for being the ambassadors and mission carriers of our school, and last but not least to all Hayah teachers, staff, and administrators for their extensive effort and dedication towards the students and our school. Thank you Hayah community!
We would also like to congratulate Hayah’s Class of  2017 from both the IB and the American Diplomas for their provisional acceptance in top universities worldwide. From New York University and Carnegie Mellon in the Middle East; to Purdue and the University of Connecticut in the U.S.; to the universities of Toronto, British Columbia, and McGill in Canada; to University College London, and the universities of Bath and Birmingham in the U.K.; to other high ranking universities in Europe such as Carl Benz School of Engineering (Germany),
Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management (the Netherlands), and Carlos the Third (Spain); to distinguished universities in Belgium, Italy, Australia and Egypt, Hayah alumni will be proud representatives of their school and their country around the globe.

On behalf of the school administration we wish our graduating class (of 2017) all the best of luck in their future endeavors and we wish you all a great summer!

Looking forward to the new school year.

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