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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds



Co-founder Salma Ehab, a Hayah alumna, sought to create the first Warsha Community Service Conference meant to equip HS students with skills to make changes within their own community regarding the areas of health, poverty, environment, and education . The vision is that the conference will grow to a national level and include original community service ideas by students.


The first Warsha-led initiative took place on the 21st of October, 2016 in Hayah’s MRC. The one-day conference gathered a variety of people including students, NGOs, experts and passionate speakers. The Warsha team, and a lot of helping hands from around Hayah, have been working on this project for almost an entire year. After several changes and adjustments to what had originally been planned, the event took off on a very early Friday morning.


The day was split up into two main portions. The first half of the day was dedicated to informative, hands-on workshops led by a variety of speakers. Among the people involved during the first half of the day were Yasmeen Khamees, the founder of Doodle Factory, and Mostafa Hashisha, the CEO of iSpark. The second part of the day gave students the opportunity to participate in a Think Tank, supervised by an expert and a facilitator, to use what they learned to come up with a solution to a specific community problem. Students were engaged with problems like the lack of

access to clean water, primary school drop outs, and The Nile River pollution. After the time had elapsed in the Think Tanks, students presented their ideas to a panel that chose a project to be awarded the title, ‘The Next Big Thing.’ Overall, students, panelists and facilitators alike found the conference to be engaging, unique, and an experience they would definitely like to repeat.




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