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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds

TEDx Youth @ the Nile

TEDx Youth @ the Nile

Every year our high school students eagerly engage in the global TEDxYouth Day in November through our TEDxYouth@TheNile event.  Yearly, our theme changes, but our mission stays the same; a dedication inspired by Ibrahim El Kazaz, a Hayah alumni, that youth, not adults, inspire youth through sharing ideas.


This year, our curator, Senior Nahdeen Hassanein, and her team, chose speakers whom they

believed would inspire youth across Egypt to perceive everyday matters from different perspectives.  They shed light on the lost value of words and meanings, human connection, authenticity, imagination, looking beyond bias, misconceptions, as well as confronting and sugar coating reality.  Out of our eight speakers, four were Hayah students, Alya Khashaba, Mariam Massoud, Hend Wahdan and Manynour Khalil.  Our guest of honor this year was Yasmine Abdel Meguid, a Sudanese-Australian mechanical engineer, social advocate, car-race driver in high school, and founder of Youth Without Borders.  We had the honor to host approximately 450 attendees this year at Darb 1718 who included Hayah high school students as well as the Australian ambassador and embassy representatives, Persona Magazine, Scoop Empire and TEDx curators and fans from different universities across Egypt.




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