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Seeking the Best of Two Worlds

MUN at Cairo American College

MUN at Cairo American College

MUN at Cairo American College

Between October 27 – 30,  over 30 Hayah students took part in the annual CAC MUN event.  It was impressive to watch the students show their hard work and strong critical thinking skills in such a high pressure environment. All students were well-prepared and well-behaved throughout the event. They could not have done a better job representing Hayah.


The following students also received special recognition:


Best Inquisitor: Ali Alashkar and Amina Al Aawar

Best Judge: Mariam Abdel


Best Advocate: Malak


Best Orator: Yehia Shahin

Most Likely to Become

Secretary General: Amina Helmy


The Hayah advocates also won their ICJ case.


Throughout the weekend the organizers of the CAC event commented that they were greatly indebted to Hayah for inspiring many of their ideas.  They remarked that due to the high standard set by the Hayah MUN event, they had to improve their own.

Finally, they are all looking forward to Hayah’s 2017 MUN event taking place

February 8 – 11.

Mark your calendars!

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