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Middle School Talent Show 2015-2016

Middle School Talent Show 2015-2016

The Sixth Annual Middle School Talent Show 2015-2016 was hosted by the MS Student Council and supervised by the Performing Arts Department. As always, the talent show in Middle School is a perfect opportunity for students to express themselves in front of their peers and teachers, in a relaxing fun filled environment.  This year’s theme chosen by the student council was a “Walk Through Time” and the winning backdrop design reflecting this theme was presented by G8 students Salma Ayman and Nour Khalifa.  What was different this year was instead of hosts, the talents introduced themselves with pre-recorded interviews reflecting their choice of talent, the people that inspire them and pictures from their childhood. Despite the yearly wide array of singing talents, there were a few duets, a piano piece, and new this year, a parody of a stand-up comedy competition. This group of bold grade 8 students (Karim Saeed, Ali Ali, Omar Saeed and Belal Gaber)  won third place for having a unique concept. In second place was Jana Kawas  (grade 6) for her strong stage presence and last but not least Lama , for presenting all the elements of a spectacular performance. The most significant portion of the show was how all the talents overcame their fear and persevered despite stage fright which proved that everyone performing  was not only a winner but a shining star.   

 The combined efforts and dedication by the Student Council members, Back Stage crew and on the day by the House Captains and Prefects is what made this event a memorable one and one that truly embodies student collaboration and spirit.

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